Programmers Club

Anjuma-I-Islams Kalsekar Technical Camous is a growing Technical Institute which aspires to enhance its teaching, learning and research work. An institute of higher learning, merely dedicated for the global enrichment of students at the individual level to meet the diverse needs of the evolving technology and society.

Just like the Institution, its Department of Computer Engineering encourages students and empowers the teaching and non-teaching staff to push their limits to exceed the global expectations through curriculum excellence, social enrichment and serve well to the people.

One of the evolving approaches of the Department led to the endowment of Programmers Club, a group of ordinary students with a passion for creativity and programming.

In Programmers Club, we truly believe in the power of illustration and transformation; thus, engaging and inspiring young programmers to come together on a single platform where they can interact with each other and share their innovative ideas.
At Programmers Club, our mission is to make students take advantage of the resources provided and help them build their skills by providing them with three key tools:

  • A clear understanding to define their goals.
  • Proper guidance for achieving those goals.
  • Ongoing suggestions to help them improve their roadmap everytime a change is required.

To keep others aware about the latest technical updates and taking into consideration over the demand for the frameworks, we also conduct workshops where the core member student shares his skills with his fellow mates with a clear opinion of treating them at the same level and also provide platform to those who are willing to share their technical skills, just like what our motto conveys: "By the students, for the students!"

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Javed Gauri

Aliakbar Nathani

Nooralam Shaikh

Sufiyan Pawaskar

Junaid Momin

Sneha Shivankar

Moin Gadkari

Munaf Hajir

Suleman Khan

Sobiya Sardar

Huzefa Kothari

Pritesh Pal

Faizan Siddique

Nadeem Patwekar

Haris Khan

Reema Harnekar

Aanam Mulla

Ilaf Kaladiya

Mariyam Shaikh

Samrin Haju

Safiya Shaikh

Shoaib Chaudhary

Azam Shaikh

Ansari Noman