About Us

What is Programmers Club?

In Programmers Club, we truly believe in the power of illustration and transformation. Thus, engaging and inspiring young programmers to come together on a single platform where they can interact with each other and share their innovative ideas.
At Programmers Club, our mission is to make students take advantage of the resources provided and help them build their skills.

To keep others aware about the latest technical updates and taking into consideration over the demand for the frameworks, we also conduct workshops where the core members share their skills with their fellow mates with a clear opinion of treating them at the same level and also provide platform to those who are willing to share their technical skills, just like what our motto conveys: "For the students, By the students!"

Problem Solving
Team Management
Soft Skills

Our Team

Haris Khan
Safwan Harchirkar
Mohammed Rizwan
Shoaib Chaudhary
Azam Shaikh
Arman Khan
Reema Harnekar
Ilaf Kaladiya
Aanam Mulla
Samrin Haju
Safiya Shaikh
Mariyam Shaikh
Arfat Sarole
Aryan Lakdawala
Hamdan Ansari
Huzefa Surme
Heena Ansari
Pranali Kokate
Sanaf Momin
Anas Sayed
Aman Kazi
Omkar Babrekar
Sakib Arkate
Rahbare Azam
Salwa Tisekar
Janvi Karia
Shruti Nair
Shifa Chimaokar
Misbah Shaikh
Zarin Khan
Asiya Pathan
Rukaiya Kochikar